Bobbi Hannmann, Ed.S, CEP

Educational Consultant

Secondary, College, and Graduate Admissions

Harvard Memorial Hall; Photo Credit (C) 2004 Jacob Rus


From Parents and Students

"Mrs. Hannmann has guided my children superbly through the college process, including course selection, monitoring progress, completion of applications, knowledge of colleges and programs. Throughout, she is very professional, task oriented, but warm and encouraging also." — HC

"In working with my children, Mrs. Hannmann has provided fine counseling and motivation. We are impressed with her enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and the great faith she has had in our children."— DW

"Thank you for keeping all three, rather five, of us on track for success in applying to colleges. We appreciate all the time and effort you took for each child to prepare them and sometimes push them so they stayed on task and didn't overlook any details. We are sure your patience was challenged at times but you never let it show and we thank you for that." — PD

"I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated all your time and effort on K's behalf. We dropped her off at [college] yesterday, and it truly seems a perfect place for her. Thank you for all of your encouragement. We wouldn't have known what to do without you." — CC

"I would like to thank you very much, Mrs. Hannmann, for helping and encouraging me to be where I am now. Working with you, I certainly learned about myself and had opportunities to think seriously about my future. To me you were more than a college counselor, you helped me with such things as scholarship applications and interviews. For these reasons, I am twice grateful. Your warm guidance stays with me as I go off to college." — ID

"Thank you, Mrs. H, for all of your help these past months. Without you, I would never have known about engineering as a career and how logical a choice it is for my interest and skills." — WO

From School and College Professionals

"Bobbi is a highly skilled professional. I have seen this profile in her diagnostic skills, interpersonal relationship with clients and her sense of accountability and organization." — JH

"Bobbi is an exemplary professional who has proven herself to be knowledgeable, experienced and organized in all undertakings relative to guiding students through the college process. Her oral and written communication skills are outstanding. — NL

"Mrs. Hannmann is insightful, intelligent, and sensitive in her relationships with students and is competent and cordial in working with our staff."— TH

"On behalf of our organization, I'd like you to know how very appreciative we are of the contribution that you made to our conference program. That your session was well attended speaks of the importance of the topic and your skills as a presenter." — DG


Bobbi Hannmann, Ed.S, CEP