Bobbi Hannmann, Ed.S, CEP

Educational Consultant

Secondary, College, and Graduate Admissions

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Bobbi Hannmann is an educational consultant who specializes in school placement and career guidance. Bobbi works with individuals beginning in pre-adolescence and continuing into adulthood. As a career counselor, she uses a developmental approach to assist students as they prepare for secondary school, college, graduate school or retraining for new careers. Depending on their needs, clients benefit from career testing to determine their areas of interest and diagnostic testing to rule out the presence of a learning disability or ADHD.

Bobbi is ready to simplify the task of bringing adolescents through high school and into college. She helps clients keep focused and organized as they pursue entrance into their school of choice. Her individual approach, array of services, and many years of experience as a high school counselor, director of guidance, school psychologist, and educational consultant will make the difference for the applicant.

Bobbi is a New Jersey Licensed Professional Counselor (NJLPC) and Certified Educational Planner (CEP). She received her MA in Counseling from The College of New Jersey and her Ed.S from Rider University. She is certified as a New Jersey School Psychologist.

In addition to yearly workshops and seminars on school and college admissions, Bobbi has attended the Harvard Institute on College Admissions and has served on the Advisory Panel to the U.S. News & World Report College Issue.

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Bobbi Hannmann, Ed.S, CEP