Bobbi Hannmann, Ed.S, CEP

Educational Consultant

Secondary, College, and Graduate Admissions

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Realizing Your Potential

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Bobbi Hannmann is committed to helping clients make the appropriate school choice that will offer the greatest opportunities for academic growth and success. Realizing one's potential is a basic human need that once fulfilled leads to solid emotional and mental well being. Each person deserves the chance to explore how his interests and strengths can provide a productive and satisfying life, and this knowledge is important in choosing an academic environment that fits with his or her talents.

With over 30 years experience as an educator, Bobbi understands the challenge that academic decisions can create for parents and for students. Families can be overwhelmed with the abundance of information available that often includes constant media and community commentary on what is the right educational choice. Bobbi's goal is to simplify the process by relating important information that is relevant and conducive to the student's achievement. Bobbi avoids sensationalism and the "packaging" of students. Her approach is genuine as she encourages the student to discover how special he or she is and how to convey this special personality as an applicant. Bobbi works with students of all academic ability levels and interests.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundation under them.

— Henry David Thoreau


Bobbi Hannmann, Ed.S, CEP